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Needs some music...

Your graphics are quite decent (yet, some of the egg colours were hard to distinguish between without looking properly; you need this game to be fast flowing, so people can scan over and clearly see what each colour is), but the final step in showing us that you've put personality into the game is music!
For that, I suggest music from the Audio Portal, since it is free and there are some real gems over there!
Otherwise, your game isn't bad; it just seems a little bland without some nice music =)

Not bad, for a tribute

The coding and gameplay are quite nice, and your request for reviews even reached out to me.

But... It adds nothing (as far as I have played) new to the mix. You may have seen recently how people have been annoyed at the Egoraptor tributes in the Portal, it's a similar reason to why I only gave you a 6.

If you did make it on your own, then you're a good coder. But don't do the same thing as people before you in the future =)

It's a nice game, but nothing new. 6/10

P.S. I got stuck between two chairs at a point, which proved annoying when the teacher came around. I did escape, but it took me about 5 seconds.

Good message, implementation could be better...

Leaving the message aside for the moment, the game was simple and very easy. Even on the most difficult setting, I ran rings around the security guards, leaving the only challenge to remain motivated. The game was short, so that wasn't too hard. The graphics were good, and the way the paint dripped in the first level I found quite clever. Unfortunately, to sum it up, too easy and too short.

Now, onto the message of the game. I have nothing really against it, but you didn't sell the message as well as you could have. Arguments such as "ugly people wear fur" made me feel like you were just mud-slinging. The game should have made me feel sorry for the animals, and hatred towards the companies that exploit them, but I don't think you pulled that off in terms of cutscenes quite as well as you could of.

In short...

+ Good graphics.
+ Some good design ideas.
+ A moral message which will win over some people.
+ NO MARIO! (Please, don't use popular characters again, it annoyed me last time)

- Easy (and potentially dull) gameplay.
- Too short.
- Moral message could be more... touching.

N.B. The rating is based on the game (as it should be), not the moral message.

You know I love it!

Even though it's as tough as diamond, it is absolutely brilliant!
But I don't think I'm going to be getting much better than an "F" any time soon...
You have my 5!

Good game, but a bit short...

As I said, good game, but a little short and easy. Also, a few glitches...

A small one, but you can use the Yellow Key Kard even when the door that you use it on is gone...

My brother played this before me, and he found that continuous playing of "Activenture" caused Nicholas to be stuck. He could turn, but not walk anywhere... I just tried to get the glitch, and I did, it can fix if Nicholas is near enough to the machine to replay, but he can move for a split second before the glitch occurs, meaning people can get away from the machine and get stuck. Try holding down and space, you'll see what I mean...

Also, I turned the same game to easy mode without knowing how to, and following the wrong button presses anyway. I think I pressed... "left, middle, right, left, right, middle, right, left, right, middle, right". The screen to say the difficulty didn't change, but it was easier when I played... Can't repeat the glitch though...

But I thought parts were very funny, and loved the game references! I've only just realised the Ocarina of Time "Running Man" thing, or, I think that's it... Still trying to fin the secret room though; I tried inserting my Game Boy Color game into my Game Boy Advance to get the door in the shop, but that didn't work (Oracle of Ages/Seasons reference for those that don't know).

To sum up, short but good, and funny. I like these kind of games...

NAveryW responds:

Thanks for notifying me of the glitches. I'll get on that right away.

A normal RPG, yet somewhat... Unique...

I played this game yesterday, but decided to review and give suggestions and such today. First off, a brilliant game, very humourous too, loving the parody stuff.

Sadly, a bit too short, but I read that you intend to make the other chapters much longer, and I'm sure they will go further (on Newgrounds) because of it.

One thing annoyed me a little though. After finishing the game, I noticed I was missing a load of chests, and had not explored the sewers at all, yet I couldnt go there at the end of the game. So I ask you allow players to wander about freely after finishing each chapter.

Also, a bug which I found yesterday, and re-tested today. The game-over screen (Not sure if this is just for the dragon, or the entire game), has a problem. Pressing one of the buttons will cause the main menu or load screen to pop up, but the game-over screen is still on top of it all! So basically, it doesn't disappear when either button is pressed. Fix it!

But generally, an excellent game! Hope the other chapters are as good or better!

Pseudolonewolf responds:

Bah... Other people seem to be mentioning bugs with the game over thing too, but only SOME people; it seems to work fine for others.
I'll look into it.

It's always good when people appreciate the parodying and humour though!


Great game! 5 out of 5! And everyone, don't forget to vote, so it can get a good award!

By the way, I did the impossible, and lost level 50 by only popping two bloons! :-D

Very new!!!

This is a clever new idea!!! And it even shows the symbols for the things, as well as why they beat each other!!! Very well laid out, showing what beats what, going anti-clockwise, and with the easier modes too! Must have taken a lot of time!!!

Slight problem with the "Nuke incinerates axe", when the nuke is up against a snake, may want to fix that, and maybe the "Man/Woman writes paper", maybe replacing it with "writes on" (I'm fussy) , oh, and while I'm at it, "paper (paper) moon", I don't quite get it... (stop moaning, I'm giving you a ten), and there's a few desparate things in there (Dragon flosses with dynamite?!) but it's still a really good game!!!

(Sorry if I seem really annoying, but all I want is for a good game to get better!!!)

Quite fun

I liked it, but I think that u made the buttons too big, some of them crossed to other webs, so if u choose the right one, the flash think u chose another. And I couldnt get past lvl 14, no matter which web I chose, im not sure if there is an actual in game way to get through...

One problem

For the tree dressup, as soon as u drag one thing, the cursor thing stays still, and it becomes hard to see wot u r clicking. If u cant make this work in a tutorial, how much hope will u give to new flash users?

Prejudice-John responds:

i know i dont know how to fix it..

Lighting! The sure-fire way to make an image widescreen while retaining the awesome.

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