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Truly a wonderful homage to the original, even though tiny imperfections may glare at me, they are only that; TINY!

Good job, all of you!

(I still think Paper-Shadow should have used 'Drop it like it's hot'...)


Another amazing movie, which is also going on my favourites! My favourite is Computer Crash. But I still can't find a hidden scene...


This is going on my favourites! Excelent movie! And the Paper Mario scene was awsome, which I can see any time thanks to scene select! I'd give it an A, or I might have to face the wrath of Shadow...

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Needs some music...

Your graphics are quite decent (yet, some of the egg colours were hard to distinguish between without looking properly; you need this game to be fast flowing, so people can scan over and clearly see what each colour is), but the final step in showing us that you've put personality into the game is music!
For that, I suggest music from the Audio Portal, since it is free and there are some real gems over there!
Otherwise, your game isn't bad; it just seems a little bland without some nice music =)

Not bad, for a tribute

The coding and gameplay are quite nice, and your request for reviews even reached out to me.

But... It adds nothing (as far as I have played) new to the mix. You may have seen recently how people have been annoyed at the Egoraptor tributes in the Portal, it's a similar reason to why I only gave you a 6.

If you did make it on your own, then you're a good coder. But don't do the same thing as people before you in the future =)

It's a nice game, but nothing new. 6/10

P.S. I got stuck between two chairs at a point, which proved annoying when the teacher came around. I did escape, but it took me about 5 seconds.

Good message, implementation could be better...

Leaving the message aside for the moment, the game was simple and very easy. Even on the most difficult setting, I ran rings around the security guards, leaving the only challenge to remain motivated. The game was short, so that wasn't too hard. The graphics were good, and the way the paint dripped in the first level I found quite clever. Unfortunately, to sum it up, too easy and too short.

Now, onto the message of the game. I have nothing really against it, but you didn't sell the message as well as you could have. Arguments such as "ugly people wear fur" made me feel like you were just mud-slinging. The game should have made me feel sorry for the animals, and hatred towards the companies that exploit them, but I don't think you pulled that off in terms of cutscenes quite as well as you could of.

In short...

+ Good graphics.
+ Some good design ideas.
+ A moral message which will win over some people.
+ NO MARIO! (Please, don't use popular characters again, it annoyed me last time)

- Easy (and potentially dull) gameplay.
- Too short.
- Moral message could be more... touching.

N.B. The rating is based on the game (as it should be), not the moral message.

Lighting! The sure-fire way to make an image widescreen while retaining the awesome.

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