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Posted by Doomsday-One - February 26th, 2010

I'm going to have to update my little thumbnail image.

That, or I wait for it to move forward again. That would be convenient.

EDIT: Forget convenience, just updated my little thumbnail image. I still love my Doomsday Clock, so I'm sticking with that theme.

Posted by Doomsday-One - May 27th, 2009

Here it is.

I'm working on a few things at the moment; I'm sure you're all very excited.
That's right, you are.

For those who care about my Valentine's Day game gift (which will be the majority of you, I presume), read on.
Made my girlfriend a Flash game for a present (in a similar style to the wonderful Eyezmaze GROW games).
I started late and so didn't finish it on time. The day didn't go too well anyway.
I finished it a few days later, and she loved it. I wish I had more time to make it look nicer, but can't complain about a good outcome, eh?

I'm not posting the game here, but you can have a picture of it doing nothing.
By the way, take a look at that Eyezmaze site; the guy who makes the games is both a great animator and a decent coder.

And the pic:
Yes, it's bad quality. C'est la vie

You know that News Post I promised you...

Posted by Doomsday-One - May 14th, 2009

...Is a nice, simple game.

For anyone who hasn't tried it, play it here.
Give it some time, play it to the end. It won't take long.

Oh, and feel free to post your interpretation here.
Real news post coming soon
Also, new profile pic has candeh!

Posted by Doomsday-One - January 4th, 2009

I got bored with the old one.
Here's a pic to show you what I've been working on over the last few days.
(Okay, not really, I worked for an hour and got bored)
Some information:
It's a small project, just so i can sling some inside jokes at my friends.
No, I didn't just code in that hour.
Yes, I do like to _root everything.

Also, anyone who can guess what that codes for wins a cookie.

Let's update this News Thing!

Posted by Doomsday-One - September 9th, 2008

NOTE: This new post is not about the Large Hadron Collider itself, or how it will/won't kill us all. If you want to discuss that, take it to the several threads on it. This news post is for talking about people over-hyping it, even when they don't know anything about it other than what they heard on the radio.

With the turning on of the Hadron Collider tomorrow, there is a lot of hype going around about how it will end the world. From what I've heard today, a lot of this hype came from people who had no idea what it is, or what it is supposed to do. As far as most of them know, it is a machine that creates black holes and it's going to end the world.

So, on the bus today, I couldn't help but hearing a group of girls having a [very loud] conversation about the "machine that creates black holes".
To show her immense knowledge of it, one of the girls told the others that the end of the world was coming. But she wasn't sure which day. So:
"The end of the world is going to happen today, yesterday, or tomorrow!"
Yeah... right.

Also on the bus was someone who is very christian (despite having very little knowlege of the faith, following her friends rather blindly). Her comment on the LHC was:
"When it explodes and they prove the Big Bang didn't happen, what is the point of killing everyone?"

Obviously, I've heard people talking about it several times today (including one guy, who can be very arrogant and annoying, telling all of the people he catches the bus with, that in case they die, he loves them all), but some comments, although ignorant, weren't as plain stupid.

I was afraid of leaving this on the forum, since I'm sure the mods are getting pretty pissed off with all of the Large Hadron Collider threads. Even though this isn't one, the thread for everyone's "last words" degraded into yet another argument about the world ending. So, it is here (where it won't get as much notice, sadly, but there you go). Perhaps I'll put it on the General Forum after the supposed black hole doesn't happen.

Anyway, has anyone else heard something funny today (or in the past few days) from people who know nothing, talking about the Large Hadron Collider?

Edit: Stephen Hawking quote:
"I thought of having an end of the world party, but then I saw the media might not realise it was a joke."

Posted by Doomsday-One - August 30th, 2008

I was on holiday earlier this week in Scotland, and at the place I was staying, there was a lovely little poem in the bathroom entitled "This Is His Life". I thought I'd share it with you all:

This Is His Life

From 20 to 30 if a man lives right,
It's once in the morning and twice at night.
From 30 to 40 if he still lives right,
He misses a morning and sometimes at night.
From 40 to 50 it's just now and then.
From 50 to 60 it's God knows when.
From 60 to 70 if he's still inclined...
But don't let him kid you,
It's still on his mind.
His sporting days are over,
His little light is out-
What used to be his sex appeal
Is now his water spout.
It used to be embarrasing
To make the thing behave;
As almost every morning,
It stood and watched him shave.
But now it's getting older,
It sure gives him the blues
To have it dangling down his legs,
And watch him clean his shoes.
Amen & Druce

I thought it was quite funny. Naturally, the poem can be found (albeit many are variations) over the internet, and a quick google search revealed that it was written by a Scot, so the poem is a nice way to remember Scotland.

Posted by Doomsday-One - August 24th, 2008

Silphatech: Now Hiring!
They prepare, because they care! (or something like that)


Posted by Doomsday-One - December 7th, 2007

I get bored far too easily, so I'm making a new post...
So many ideas for games, yet with how easily I get bored, I never make much...

I have one poorly made game on my Deviantart (I didn't think it was good enough for Newgrounds), one (also terrible) game in its alpha stage which I got bored with making and started writing this. I can rarely even get emoticons past the finishing stage!

I don't know what use this will be to anyone else, apart from something to read while they are being bored, but I'd rather it's this than that stuff about "THE END" which I made since Paper-Shadow's animation linked to here...

Not only am I always bored, but at the same time, I dislike feeling like I'm wasting time. This means that I can never enjoy what others say are relaxing, such as holidays, baths, sleeping (which is why I'm still up writing this while it's midnight over here), etc.

By the way, "Portal" is an amazing game, and has managed to supress my boredom for about a month (although, the main game took about 3 hours)...

Anyway, this was a good waste of a few minutes, I think I'll go now...

P.S. If you are also really bored, go count how many times I use the word "bored" in this post...

P.P.S. If you are really really bored, go count how many times I say "I" or "my" (self-centred git)...

P.P.P.S. I feel FANTASTIC and I'm still alive! (sorry, I had to make some witty reference...)

Posted by Doomsday-One - October 23rd, 2007

The End... Apparantly...
This is it, the end...
A bit boring, isn't it...
That's what happens when your curiosity gets the better of you...
You end up on a boring User Page...
Who wants a chat...?

Anyway, there's some kind of animation out now, go watch that, stop bothering me!
I spent a lot of work on that thing, I shouted at Paper-Shadow so much that I got a sore throat!
So don't thank him, thank me, for keeping him in line!
I was even telling him what to write on his "Author Comment" thing...
That "Hilarity ensues" line, that was me!

And no, I'm not some freak trying to hog all the glory!
In fact, that entire flash was made by me! ALL MINE!!!
Ok, not really...

I'll come back and rant later, I'm gonna go and laugh at Paper-Shadow for every bad comment he gets...
I'm hoping to strike a deal; a pound (we're from the UK) for every single thing someone says that he should have included that I said beforehand...

Posted by Doomsday-One - October 4th, 2007

No-one knows me, I don't really care, but my ally posted his damn pic on my account! It would be so funny if that won a prize now! Oh well...
Anyway, that T-Shirt thing belongs to Paper-Shadow, not me, and I now have 5 BBS posts, and only 80% are mine...